Founder Creates App to Revolutionize Networking For Black Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Creatives

Lashawn Dreher

We are introducing Lashawn Dreher, the brains behind the groundbreaking networking app BlkWomenHustle® for black women professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. The software boosts economic empowerment, builds social capital, and launches careers and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lashawn claims that her desire for a more effective way to link women with the opportunities and people they frequently seek but finds illusive led her to conceptualize and build the real-time online app. Known as the Networking Maven® in the community, Dreher introduced the app with a concept based on Issa Rae’s Insecure® television series, which appealed to black women’s nostalgia and spurred support for the new endeavor.

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.
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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

“Since BlakWomenHustle is a networking platform, I wanted to stay true to our goal of making experiences that are meaningful and relevant for everyone, wherever we may be in the world,” Lashawn said. “The app is a centralized space revolutionizing how we approach mutually beneficial professional growth and sincere relationships.”

The BlkWomenHustle App puts the power of networking and career advancement in users’ hands with its user-friendly design and simple layout. Support for crowdsourcing initiatives, chances for supplier diversity, links for real-time cooperation, and a job portal for freelancers and corporations are among its noteworthy characteristics.

It’s simple to overlook the numerous events and opportunities that are posted on all of these social media sites and platforms. The app is the answer, according to Lashawn. “To make professional growth convenient, we’ve removed the time-consuming research and consolidated information.”

Apart from its innovative features, the BlkWomenHustle App lets users stream and access original content, interact with corporate partners for business prospects, and explore various events with the help of the countrywide event calendar. Users who subscribe to a monthly or annual plan can use the app.

The goal of the BlkWomenHustle App is to bridge the gap and create strong connections between Black women and enterprises, organizations, and allies to promote our professional development. It is intended to become the hub for building, educating, and maintaining communities for growth.


Black women entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives can network purposefully, learn from top industry experts, and build lucrative enterprises with Black WomenHustle®, an all-in-one networking platform. As part of its mission to support women in creating successful professions and businesses, the active online network promotes an inclusive business environment through live and recorded events, online learning, and digital media.

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