12-Year-Old Black CEO Who Started a Lemonade Beverage Company at Age 9 Releases New Inspirational Book

At the moment, Tre Glasper, who is just twelve years old and founded Tre’s Squeeze, an all-natural lemonade beverage company that he established when he was nine years old, is celebrating the release of his new motivational book. In the book, which is titled Squeeze into Your Dreams, he describes how he was able to establish his business at such a tender age and how he was able to distribute his lemonade beverage to local grocery shops, restaurants, and food trucks.

With his first book published by LaunchCrate Publishing, a publisher headquartered in Kansas that a black woman owns, Young Tre has given readers an uplifting gift.
Tre, who, with a glimmer of vision and tenacity, started Tre’s Squeeze in the thick of the epidemic, is the protagonist of the book Squeeze into Your Dreams, which tells the story of his courageous journey. Tre introduced a brand of lemonade that is more than simply a wonderful beverage when he saw an opportunity that had not yet been taken advantage of at his neighborhood farmer’s market. It is the personification of hopes, aspirations, and the indomitable spirit of business, highlighted by his motto, “Squeeze into your Dreams.”

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.
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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

Even though the book is profoundly anchored in Tre’s journey into the world of business with his lemonade stand, it welcomes dreamers of all ages and from all over the world with open arms. The readers are elegantly guided into a universe where ideas are limitless, and age is not a barrier to any individual’s ability to realize their objectives via the compelling story of Tre’s business enterprise.

The breathtaking graphics by Xavier Gayden, a well-known artist best known for his work on the iconic Brown v. Board of Education mural in Topeka, Kansas, enhance the vividness of Tre’s narrative even more. Every page is a canvas on which words and images dance together in perfect harmony, creating a tapestry that is just as motivating as Tre’s trip.

The publication of this first work has made it possible for Tre to communicate his inspirational story and receive praise, praising him as a shining example of youthful business. Tre received the title of Kansas Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2023, a manifestation of Governor Laura Kelly’s recognition of Tre’s contributions. The Network Kansas Empower Minority Pitch Competition and the HyVee Opportunity Pitch Competition are just two of the statewide and regional pitch contests in which Tre has triumphed. NPR, WIBW, and Black Enterprise have all featured him in the past. Tre has achieved all of this while staying in school and maintaining an A grade.

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