Meet the Accountant Who Has Helped Black-Owned Businesses Recover From $500K in Taxes Owed.

Black-owned companies now look to Robin Boyd, the founder and CEO of Essential Accounting Consultants, as a rescuer. She has provided debt relief and tax settlement services to hundreds of small company clients. It has enabled them to get past their financial obstacles.

“We comprehend that small businesses’ finances can be difficult, particularly if they don’t get off to a good start,” adds Robin. “Our qualified staff can analyze your financial and accounting data and recommend the best solutions. We have all the necessary tools to manage the financial aspects of your company from beginning to end.

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.
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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

For her track record of assisting small businesses and fostering their expansion, Robin and her company have received praise nationwide. She has a plethora of knowledge spanning many years and has helped thousands of small company clients in a priceless way. She received recognition from Forbes for her outstanding contributions to accounting and business development, proving that her incredible accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.

Her commitment and knowledge remain a guiding light for the innumerable entrepreneurs and small companies she has supported during her successful career.

Robin has been instrumental in ensuring countless small businesses’ ongoing operations because of her great financial knowledge and sharp business sense. Her Tax Resolution Service has become a lifeline for struggling small businesses in the intricate world of taxation, where companies can unintentionally fall behind on their responsibilities to state and federal authorities.

She persistently argues for these company owners while dealing with the IRS under Robin’s seasoned leadership and with the assistance of her team of qualified accountants and tax resolution professionals. Her efforts have led to the cancellation of tax debts, allowing these companies to restore their financial footing and begin again.

Whether it’s negotiating settlements or setting up affordable payment plans, Robin’s commitment and the knowledge of her staff have been crucial in helping firms overcome tax obstacles. She has made a significant contribution to their sustainability and ongoing success.

Small companies rely on this tax resolution specialist to help them out of tight spots and win their cases. They can escape falling into foreclosure or bankruptcy due to her efforts, and they can now look forward to starting again. For several of her customers, Boyd has developed thorough financial strategies that have helped them establish stability and confidence. They can once again access vital funding sources, such as reputed banks and private equity companies, which serve as a lifeline for their companies’ finances.

These companies now have a clear financial future and are less likely to face the grim threat of closure. Robin’s knowledge and devotion ensure their ability to survive and prosper in the cutthroat business environment.


Essential Accounting Consultants is A leading accounting business located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. The company’s primary skills are accounting, business management, taxation, and financial statement audits. Its service portfolio includes company consulting, bookkeeping, and tax supervision.

The business has a distinguished reputation as a trustworthy accounting firm offering a full range of services to individual and business clients. They provide individualized and excellent service while preserving the highest levels of quality by combining localized and online accounting procedures.

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