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Combining AI & MRI: German deep-tech startup raises €30M led by 83North

by Alex Turner

Orbem, a German firm in deep technology, has secured €30 million in its Series A round of investment. With this funding, Orbem hopes to industrialize MRI technology and make it widely available, affordable, and effective.

The venture capital firm 83North led the investment, which included contributions from The Venture Collective, Possible Ventures, Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt, and new investor La Famiglia.

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.
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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

The co-founders of Personio, Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, and Chief Operating Officer Jonas Rieke, as well as former Zalando CEO Rubin Ritter, Forto’s Michael Wax, Erik Muttersbach, and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Michael Ardelt, Kinexon’s Drs. Alexander Hüttenbrink, Oliver Trinchera, Celonis, Co-CEO, and Co-Founder Bastian Nominacher, support Orbem.

MRI and AI combined

Orbem’s future AI-powered MRI technology, which was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, is expected to be able to scan a variety of biological materials and is essential to reducing human intervention in MRI scanning. After Orbem Genus Focus for in-ovo sexing was successfully introduced, the Series A round was held. With this ground-breaking tool, hatcheries can quickly and painlessly detect the sex of an egg. Results are provided for each egg.

This feature makes AI-powered MRI scanning more affordable, quick, and practical for usage in unexplored areas.

“Our goal is to make AI-powered images available to everyone and everything. According to Dr. Pedro Gómez, co-founder and CEO of Orbem, “We think this is the best method to carry out our main objective of casting light on the world’s hardest difficulties.

Ensuring adherence

Orbem Genus Focus was established to end the contentious male chick culling procedures and guarantee adherence to the most recent French and German standards.

The Genus product from Orbem can scan biological samples, such as human tissue, different plant species, food items like nuts and eggs, and building materials like wood. The technology scans and classifies biological things, such as eggs, nuts, and more, into the appropriate groups using deep learning algorithms.

The firm, headquartered in Munich, has collaborated successfully with top poultry growers thanks to the technology. The software provider claimed to have scanned over 21 million eggs so far.

Orbem is positioned to disrupt several industries, including agriculture, construction, and healthcare, following the success of Genus and its key AI innovation.

Orbem can help farmers develop resource-efficient and climate-resilient crops using AI-powered MRI. Concurrently, more effective crop farming can enhance the safety of the food chain.

Industries with MRI driven by AI.

With its new flagship, Orbem intends to venture beyond poultry. AI-driven MRI can guarantee the structural soundness of buildings and the accessibility of affordable medical testing for anyone in the construction and healthcare industries.

While the healthcare business may help individuals have accessible diagnostic imaging solutions utilizing the technology, the building industry may profit from recognizing the structural integrity of biodegradable materials.

The era of digitalization, ground-breaking technical innovation, and the AI revolution gives a wonderful opportunity for enterprises to tackle real-world difficulties and develop strong independent businesses, according to Gil Goren, General Partner at 83North.

Orbem’s use of AI to industrialize MRI technology has unlocked the potential to revolutionize agricultural production, hasten the transition to a sustainable economy, and enhance disease diagnosis. Goren continues, “It is a real joy to join this incredible group on a voyage to a better planet.

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