Meet the 4 Black Teen Sisters From Maryland Making History With Their Food Truck Business

Four Black teenage siblings named Charlee, Leeyah, Micah, and Jordyn Hamilton, who range in age from 11 to 15, run Twice as Nice Shaved Ice in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. They are known for their tasty snowballs and their well-known snow-capped lemonade.

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.
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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

They launched the company in 2018 because Charvonne, their mother, inspired them to begin their entrepreneurial path. With just one snowball machine they bought from a pawn shop, a table, and a tent, they started their snowball company with an initial investment from their parents. They offered ten different flavors of snowballs as well as snow-capped lemonade.
The sisters are persistent and determined despite the difficulties of owning a business, such as the long hours spent working at events and dealing with challenging clients. Additionally, they work hard to make their costs reasonable so everyone can enjoy their sweets.

According to Leeyah, “our main business objective is to keep our customers satisfied while we expand our company and make enough investments to support our future success.”

Most Twice as Nice Shaved Ice’s bookings are for private parties within a 20-mile radius of their house, although they are willing to travel further for unique occasions. Although they are now successful, they have ambitions to grow with additional trucks and mentor other young people in company management. Even during school breaks, there is always something to keep kids occupied and working.

“We are out working instead of snoozing all day and spending the summer indoors. We usually find time for family trips, even if we work the majority of the summer,” Jordyn remarked.

The four sisters have a variety of professional objectives outside of running their firm, from entrepreneurship to sports medicine. Charlee and Leeyah, twins, were particularly interested in attending an HBCU. The girls divided up all of their proceeds evenly, setting aside a portion for shopping and the remainder for long-term investments such as college money, a car, and other savings.

I enjoy it since I don’t report to a boss. I get to establish a strong work ethic while learning and expanding as an entrepreneur,” stated Charlee.

In addition, people must enjoy and feel fulfilled in their work despite difficulties.

“While some days are tougher than others, we like what we do so much that it never feels like work. We have met some incredible individuals and have had incredible chances as a result of running our own business, including being a featured vendor for the Baltimore Ravens during their training camp for the past three years,” Micah added.

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