Amsterdam’s Framer secures €25.5M to scale its no-code website building platform.

Framer, an expert no-code website builder for designers in Amsterdam, declared on Thursday that it had completed a Series C fundraising round by raising $27 million (or around €25.5 million).

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.
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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

Meritech Capital headed the investment round, including current investors Accel and Atomico.

The Dutch firm will be able to grow its product and sales teams in Europe and the US thanks to the most recent cash injection.

“Web design has always been a time- and resource-intensive two-step process: design, then construct. Koen Bok, co-founder of Framer, explains that “we’ve altered that.

“With Framer, you design, and we take care of the rest, from search engine optimization to global hosting. For both big corporations and designers, it’s a game-changer, says Bok.

The news comes nearly five years after Atomico led a Series B investment round in which €21 million was raised.

Redefining the Future of Web Design with Framer

Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk, two seasoned business owners who sold their firm to Facebook, founded Framer in 2015 to provide product designers with a prototype tool.

The platform’s expanded offerings are addressing the gap between design and construction, a more significant issue in professional web design.

Through seamless design and web development integration, the Dutch firm has established itself as an essential tool for startups, scaleups, independent contractors, agencies, and corporate teams.

By doing away with the requirement for a separate design tool, the platform’s novel approach enables users to develop and launch responsive, high-performance websites within a single platform, saving them much time and effort.

The platform also has a very low learning curve, especially for people already familiar with Figma.

“The beauty of Framer is that it feels natural to designers accustomed to tools like Figma, but the output is industry-leading,” continues co-founder van Dijk of Framer.

Framer Sites, the company’s expert no-code website platform, has achieved outstanding adoption rates since its introduction in May last year, with growth rising at over 20% per month.

The platform is now used as the preferred platform by various startups and IT firms, including,, and

The Investor

A US-based venture capital firm, Meritech Capital Partners, focuses on making late-stage investments in IT businesses, especially those in the media and consumer internet industries.

“Companies bringing about paradigm transformations in their end markets thrill us. Contrary to the status quo, Framer enables design and marketing teams to own the whole lifecycle of site creation and hosting collaboratively.

A further tribute to the idea, staff, and product is the emotional and expanding Framer community that has been established in a short amount of time. A firm with founders like Koen and Jorn, who have extensive subject knowledge and intimate experience with the issues Framer is addressing, is also rare. On their quest to define the future of web design, Koen, Jorn, and the rest of the Framer team have our full support. Alex Clayton, of Meritech, says

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